Sendpoints / Graphic Design



Sendpoints / Graphic Design

Publisher/ SendPoints
Binding/ Hardcover
Trim Size/ 215*280mm
Pages/ 256
Language/ English
ISBN/ 978-988-79283-3-1
The mascots for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games came into global spotlight overnight, strengthening the promotion for the city considerably. The popularity of Kumamon has generated over 124.4 billion yen in revenue from tourism, peripheral products and copyright licenses. Snoopy, once featured on the cover of Times and mascot for NASA, has over 350 million fans around the world. Its copyright income is more than 10 million dollars a year. Miffy has expanded its global market through worldwide collaboration with brands of baby products, household supplies and many others, driving the development of various industries. LINE, a South Korean messenger application, has made over 100 kinds of license transaction for its official characters Line Friends, and opened over 130 flagship stores around the world. Its products with new characters BT21, a collaboration project with popular boy band BTS, were sold out on launch day in New York. Paddington Bear, who came from film and television, has taken an important role in promoting British culture and tourism. Mascots are undoubtedly a significant means of promotion and advertising for either large-scale organizations or small business. A brand armed with a well-designed mascot tends to establish a unique image in the market and benefit from sales growth. Mascot Design has teased out the key points of mascot creation, and given in-depth analysis of classic case studies such as Miffy, Snoopy, Paddington Bear, Line Friends, BTS, and the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Mascots. If you wish to design a mascot that hits a home run, or aim to increase business profitability with mascots, this is a book for you!
Selling Points:
1. Analysis of mascot creation in terms of key words extracting, character development, expression and movement design, color matching, etc.
2. Exclusive coverage of popular mascots such as Snoopy, Paddington Bear, Line Friends, Miffy and many others.
3. Over 120 projects with comprehensive design process from sketching to completion.